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The New Normal

The New Normal är en amerikansk dramakomediserie från 2012.


  • "It makes the sound of terminal cancer or my mother pressing me for an intimate lunch."
    • -Bryan med hänvisning till ljudet från sin bärbara dator, avsnitt 1.1: Pilot
  • "Oh my god, that is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I must have it."
    • —Bryan om den lille bäbisen i butiken, avsnitt 1.1: Pilot
  • "You are the kindest man I've ever had the pleasure to love."
    • —Bryan till David, avsnitt 1.1: Pilot
  • "Face it honey, abnormal is the new normal."
    • —Bryan till David, avsnitt 1.1: Pilot
  • "I would like a skinny, blond child who doesn't cry. Is this extra?"
    • —Bryan till Gary, avsnitt 1.1: Pilot
  • "Growing up with two white dads? How much travel, culture and dancing can one kid take?"
    • "This place is like shabby chic! ...without all that pesky chic."


      • "He looks like me when I was a puppy."
        • —David med hänvisning till sin hundvalp, avsnitt 1.1: Pilot


      • "If you can't get a man to propose to you, you might as well be dead!"
        • —Shania när hon låtsas vara "Little Edie", avsnitt 1.2: Sofa's Choice


      • Jane (till Goldie): What are you doing helping these salami smokers?
        David: Wow.
        Bryan: That's a good one. That's new.
        • avsnitt 1.1: Pilot